Skin Tanning Treatment

The sun is the ultimate source of energy for all living beings, and we thrive under its benevolent rays. However, over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays can have a number of hazardous outcomes, including cancer, vision issues, damage to the immune system and, of course, skin problems.

The importance of sun blocks and limitations to sun exposure cannot be stressed enough. The skin reacts to UV rays by increasing the production of melanin- the brown pigment that darkens the skin. This skin tan, although protective in nature, makes the skin lose its natural tone. Sun exposure also causes fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and rubbery skin.

Removing this extra layer of tanned skin becomes a matter of urgency when all the enjoyment in the sun turns to despair at the change in appearance brought about by the tan. Skin Tanning treatment in Delhi is convenient and safe while yielding great results.

Skin tightening treatment in delhi


Skin tanning removal in Delhi is performed by Dr. Hema Pant, using Q- switched Laser. The Laser emits energy having long wavelengths, which penetrates the skin at the target area and stimulates the replacement of the tanned skin with a new layer. This process removes the tanned skin, rejuvenates it and restores the skin tone.

What happens when your skin gets tanned?

When you sun tan, your skin turns brown on account of being exposed to the rays of the sun. When the UV radiation from the sun touches the skin, melanin is released. There are UVA UVB radiations. It is the UVA radiation that makes your tan reach the lower skin sheets. It activates the release of melanocytes, which then create melanin, a brown pigment than causes your skin to tan. UVB is what causes you to scorch, instigating the top layer to burn. Those with duskier skin have more melanin and so they tend not to burn much straightforwardly.

How can tanning be removed using Q-switched skin tanning treatment?

For individuals who wish to dispose of their tanned skin, we offer pioneering methods of q-switched laser treatment. Our aim is to help you with a solution that is harmless, triflingly hostile, involving least side-effects or hazards and let an individual live a happy and buoyant life. Lasers using lengthier wavelengths which offer safer treatments for individuals with darker or tanned skin are becoming excessively popular. The longer wavelength lasers empower such people to have laser hair removal treatments contentedly and without any burning or discoloration. Also, the clinic offers reasonable skin tanning laser treatment cost.