May 18, 2019
What is dermatology and who is a dermatologist?

From an allergic rash to dry skin, people face many skin conditions from time-to-time. But even a minor skin condition could have a major impact on self-confidence and mental health. For example, medical science links psoriasis to depression and acne can severely impact your confidence.

Who a dermatologist is?

A consultant dermatologist is an expert in conditions related to skin, hair and nails. He is a medical doctor with specialization in dermatology. No other doctor could have the same level of knowledge, expertise and training on skin, hair and nails conditions than a dermatologist has.

What conditions could a dermatologist treat?

An experienced dermatologist can treat more than 3,000 different medical conditions and he can treat patients of all age groups from new-born babies to octogenarians.

Dermatologists also improve visual appearance

Skin scars and age spots could spoil your look but there is little to worry as an experienced dermatologist can erase the scars left by skin conditions like acne and surgery. Also, he can locate and reduce signs of aging including skin pigmentation and wrinkles.

How does a dermatologist work?

Depending on medical conditions, a dermatologist selects a therapy that could be limited to prescription medicines or include laser and light therapy, surgery and cryotherapy. Selection of a treatment depends on factors like severity of the problem; age of the patient; overall health of the patient and chances of recovery.

How to choose a dermatologist?

Unfortunately, there are many medical practitioners working as dermatologists because patients can’t differentiate between a general practitioner and a dermatologist. It is therefore necessary that you do your homework to find a reliable skin doctor.

Your local medical directory could help in locating registered dermatologists in your area. Also, you should check credentials of the dermatologist you are visiting to make sure that he is the right doctor to cure your medical condition.