Quick Tips Regarding
PRP Treatment

May 18, 2020
Quick Tips Regarding PRP Treatment

Before opting for the best PRP treatment in Delhi, you must know certain things about what PRP actually is. PRP is basically a procedure involving spinning blood in a centrifuge that causes separation of heavy red blood cells, white blood cells and lighter plasma, the three essential components. This releases the growth factors as well as other healing substances as soon as it is injected back into the human body resulting in proliferation of cells required for healthy healing plus tissue regeneration. Here we are going to highlight certain tips other than PRP treatment cost in Delhithat must be kept in mind if you are planning to undergo PRP Treatment.

1. Things to avoid

It is recommended that you must avoid for at least one week before and one week after PRP Treatment in Delhi the anti-inflammatories. In addition to this, corticosteroids, for instance, cortisone injections must also be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks before undergoing the PRP.

2. Things to do

You can surely take Tylenol or Acetaminophen before coming. Additionally, it is recommended that you must come for PRP hydrated as well as your appetite fully satisfied. Wear clothes that are loose, stretchy and airy. Get assistance to get back home as the procedure might leave you stiff and sore.

3. Do’s and Don’ts

After the procedure you are recommended to say no to massage, IMS as well as deep tissue work at least for following two weeks of the procedure. Do not come in contact with the hot tubs as well as the swimming pools for the next two days. There is no harm using ice, epsom salts while bathing, heat, Tylenol or medications prescribed in case required. Brisk walking might help if your body allows. Initially you must consider working with the physiotherapist to begin exercising appropriately against resistance only after the end of two weeks post PRP.

These are some of the most basic tips that each and every one who plans to go in for PRP treatment must keep in mind and follow to get the effective results.