LHR vs Electrolysis

April 17, 2019
LHR vs Electrolysis

It pains; there’re side effects and it’s expensive but laser hair removal worth every penny spent on it. Every user review about LHR starts on suspicion but concludes on satisfaction. This treatment worth every penny spent on it.

So, why hair removal is so dear to women

There’s no better feeling than experiencing the ultimate smoothness that only a hair-free skin gives. Benefits of being bare outnumber the discomfort and expense associated with hair removal treatments.

For example, the bare pubic region would inspire you to throw a bikini and surprise others with your fresh, smooth and glossy skin. Similarly clean underarms would make you feel more comfortable in the outfits that expose those areas. The clean skin would boost your self-confidence and your acceptance in the society.

There’s hardly any woman that has never tried any hair removal method. Most women try home treatments before switching to laser hair removal that is the ultimate. A pulsating beam of light is thrown on the skin to stun the growth of unwanted hair.

How laser works on hair?

The laser is aimed at the melanin in the hair follicle. The energy of laser beam thickens the hair follicle. The process is called coagulation of hair follicle and it results in zero growth of new hair.

Hair growth can be divided into three phases for convenience of study – Anagen (growth), Telogen (dormant) and Catagen (death). The best time to inhibit growth of unwanted hair is Anagen phase.

An average woman requires four to six laser treatments within a period of four to six weeks to get rid of unwanted hair. LHR is highly effective hair reduction process. Some people advocate electrolysis as the best treatment for unwanted hair but little do they know that it is painful, intensive and it destroys hair follicle permanently.