How much Bollywood Divas
love Botox treatment?

March 4, 2019
How much Bollywood Divas love Botox treatment?

Botox treatment is the secret behind the evergreen beauty of Bollywood actresses. Botox is a kind of drug used for treating wrinkles and fine lines and this treatment gives excellent results. And there is hardly any actress that isn’t a Botox beauty.

Let’s meet the top B-Actresses

Karina Kapoor Khan

kareena kapoor khan

Bebo first appeared on the silver screen with fine lines under her eyes. Her debut pictures had lines on her face but they’re gone in the latest pic. Also, she’s got high cheek bones missing in her earlier pictures. And it is all due to Botox treatment.

Bipasha Basu

bipasha basu

The Bong hottie has got dimples on her cheeks and it is certainly a Botox effect. The dimples were missing in her earlier pictures.

Preity Zinta

preity zinta

Better known as Liril girl, Preity Zinta took Botox to get a diva look for her Bollywood debut and success.

Madhuri Dixit Nene

madhuri dixit nene

It is hard to find Botox effect on gorgeous Madhuri except when the treatment goes wrong like in the latest pic.

Minissha Lamba

minissha lamba

The young Kashmiri girl of Yahaan (2005) started taking treatment for higher cheekbone after the movie.



Her performance in English Vinglish is praiseworthy and so her look especially the big smile on her face. The glam makeover including Botox improved the natural beauty of the actress manifold.

Shilpa Shetty

shilpa shetty

She rubbished the joke that she takes Botox in Koffee with Karan but the Botox effect is clearly visible on her face.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

priyanka chopra jonas

She did something to her lips probably Botox treatment.

Gauri Khan

gauri khan

She’s got all – fame, money and SRK but did you notice her greasy face. It’s too much Botox I think.

Rani Mukerji

rani mukherji

She’s always worn a smile over her face but her recent look revealed she’s taking some cosmetic treatment related to Botox.