Facts That Nobody Told You
About Filler Treatment

May 18, 2020
Facts That Nobody Told You About Filler Treatment

With the advancement in technology, a lot of treatments today have become easy as well as affordable to all. Today, people need not be much concerned about the dermal fillers cost in Delhi or the availability of an experienced dermatologist. However, if you are planning to undergo a filler treatment in Delhi, then there are certain things that you need to be aware about.

1. Acts as Collagen

The substance that keeps our skin smooth and youthful is termed as Collagen and with ageing, the level of this substance in the body decreases. Dermal Fillers in Delhi composed of FDA-approved hyaluronic acid gel acts like collagen thereby filling the wrinkles and restoring the volume as well as appearance of the skin. FDA approval implies that the material used is safe for your skin and health.

2. Long lasting results

Dermal fillers are not a permanent solution for lines or wrinkle though the outcome is quite lasting. It is recommended that you should visit the dermatologists to get the touch up before the impact of the present dermal fillers is still evident. Apart from this, the results of the treatment are immediate.

3. Not as painful

One thing that you must know about dermal filler treatment is that it is not very painful. The fillers contain lidocaine that numbs the area that is being treated. This makes the procedure less invasive.

4. Quick recovery

Dermal filler treatment is also known as lunchtime facelift owing to the fact that the procedure involved is relatively fast. It totally depends on the area to be treated as to how much time would be required. This procedure does not involve the requirement for a long recovery period. Patients are able to resume their daily routines quite early.

5. Miracle for lips

Dermal fillers are used at different areas of the face but these are known to be most effective in plumping the lips thereby making them fuller.

Overall, these are some of the facts that most of us planning to undergo a filler treatment are not aware about.