5 approved ways to get rid of pigmentation from an expert

July 29, 2020
5 approved ways to get rid of pigmentation from an expert

Acne is a common problem that everyone has at least once in a lifetime and is treatable in a number of ways. But there are cases where the acne gets quite severe due to which there are blemishes that remain permanently on the skin. Apart from severe acne, there can be also a number of other issues such as pigmentation and melasma that can lower the self-esteem of the person. But luckily, there are different ways available today that can help in treating these kinds of problems.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is used for treating a particular condition such as melasma. While getting melasma treatment in Delhi, laser therapy is the most common procedure that is used. It is quite helpful in enhancing the smoothness, texture, and the complexion of the skin.


This treatment works best for the people who wish to get treatment for pigmentation related issues. An instrument is used to slowly rotate on the skin and remove the dead cells and smoothening the skin.


This process is also known as the sanding process because it removes the dead cells of the skin. With the help of a sandblaster, crystals are sprayed on the skin. These crystals not just help in removing the dead cell layers of the skin but also help in revitalizing the skin. If you are looking for a convenient melasma and pigmentation treatment in Delhi, this can be one of the best options.

Chemical Peels

In this particular treatment procedure, a combination of the chemicals alpha hydroxy acid, trichloroacetic acid, and phenol is spread on the skin. The chemical combination reacts with the dead cells layer and removes it completely so that the new layer of cells can take its place.

IPL Therapy

The IPL therapy can be used not just for pigmentation but also for other purposes such as hair removal or also treating issues such as acne. In the procedure, the broadband light power is used to treat age spots or other issues such as sunspots on the skin so that the texture of the skin can be much enhanced.

Thus, you can choose the right treatment depending upon your requirements or can consult the expert.