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Dr. Hema Pant - Dermatologist in South Delhi

Dermatologist in South Delhi

Dr. Hema Pant is a cosmetic Dermatologist in practice as a skin specialist in south Delhi for the for past 15 years. She was head medical advisor Kaya Skin Clinics for 10 years 2008-2017. She was the first certified international trainer for fillers in India. She has the privilege to train more than 300 dermatologist and plastic surgeons from India and abroad. She is reputed to be the Best Dermatologist in South Delhi. She is regularly invited at various national and international forums to conduct workshops and deliver key note lectures.

Apart from her flourishing practise as a dermatologist in south Delhi she has also contributed a chapter in the textbook of cosmetic dermatology and authored various publications in reputed journals. Her vast experience in the field of cosmetic dermatology led her to be considered as one of the Best dermatologist in Delhi...

  • 15 Yrs

    Practice in Cosmetic Dermatology

  • 10 Yrs

    Ex-Medical Advisor for Kaya Skin Clinics

  • 300+

    Doctors Trained

  • 8 Yrs

    Scientific Secretary of AESTHETICS

Acne Scar Treatment

The skin is a source of vanity when it comes to appearance and beauty. Any blemish on the skin is most unwelcome, and no more so than the common acne. Many a teenager has spent hours and hours trying different remedies, medicines, creams and concoctions to get rid of pimples. However, this annoyance can sometimes lead to permanent issues, if the acne leaves scars. Acne scars are of many types and vary in severity, but have the power to diminish confidence and affect a person’s perception of their beauty. Visit Dr. Hema Pant, who is considered to be one of the Best dermatologist in delhi for acne

Acne scar treatment in Delhi

Age Spot Removal

Let us face it! Aging can show its horrible signs in the form of age spots quicker than you expect. As you grow mature or if you are exposed to the sun often, it is not surprising for brown spots or patches to begin appearing on your face. Usually innocuous, age spots though can be an indication of more serious skin illnesses and the standard victims are individuals in their 30s or 40s who have been excessively exposed to sunlight and pollution when they were younger. While not dangerous, they are nasty-looking and can often spoil your gorgeous perfect face.

Age Spot Removal in Delhi

Anti aging Treatment

Age is the ultimate leveler! No matter how healthy you are, how much you care about your diet and nutrition or exercise, time catches up with everyone. The youth, vitality and beauty that shone from the face start to fade away and lines, wrinkles and spots take their place. Even those who wish to age gracefully have to admit that it is not just age, but our lifestyle that compounds the problem. Pollution, stress and lifestyle all contribute to robbing the skin of its elasticity and natural glow.

Anti-Aging Treatment in Delhi

Botox Treatment

Wrinkles, fine lines, creases and lines are not just the gifts of age in today’s world, but also a sign of pollution, radiation and the stress of our busy lives. Tired, lifeless skin with wrinkles makes one look far older and also takes away the skin’s natural glow. Many beauty products claim to work towards eliminating these signs of aging, but the creams and lotions available in the market usually have no or minimal results.

Botox Treatment in Delhi

Fillers Treatment

As the body ages, the skin starts to hang loose, and once sharp features get sunken, hollow and asymmetrical. This is most noticeable on the face. The cheeks lose their volume and shape, the eyes are sunken, eyelids become droopy and wrinkles can be seen. Beauty fades, taking away with it the confidence and self-assurance of youth. A stranger stares back from the mirror- looking drawn, tired and dejected.

Filler Treatment in Delhi